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In addition to the diligence, we prepare our projects, we also have our unique standards in local market as:

01 – DESIGNING ACCORDING TO SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PRINCIPLES We are experienced as one of the few designing offices in designing sustainable buildings. Our designing principles are certified by LEED and BREEAM certificates.

When working on our projects, we designate a person responsible for controlling the energy consumption of the project. Because our office is interdisciplinary, we can control energy wherever it is consumed during the operation of the building.


Thanks to implementing Autodesk Revit MEP system we are supported by 3D technology in particularly complex installation systems.

While applying this system and cooperating with designing companies using Autodesk Revit Architecture software, we’re implementing the BIM building model designing technology.

03 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Due to implemented dedicated software solution (UE Found) . As a result, our customers have greater assurance to meet the deadlines on our part and to control the current progress.



Everyone has its own unique history, our is:

The company RAD-PROJEKT RADOSŁAW RADZIECKI was founded in 2002. At the beginning it was an invidual business activity until 2004, when first workers were employed. The company specializes in designing heating and ventilation systems.
Nearly at the same time, in 2003, Q-ER Piotr Kurzbauer company was founded. The company deals with water and sewerage systems and installations. Owing to similar profiles of activities, these two companies complete their range of activity and work together to every realized projects.

Simultanously PROELTIM Krzysztof Dębowski was started. The company deals with designing electrical and low-current systems and cooperates with RAD-PROJEKT and Q-ER.

The three companies completed in business activity, were merged in 2009 and to come into being CEGROUP engineering company . The range of its activities includes all sanitary and electric industries. The harmonious team were set up, which guarantees internal coordination and comprehensive service.

In 2010 the range of activities was broadened to civil engineering. Owing to these, the specialist working for our company, can collaborate and the client isn’t forced to order the projects outside. This kind of work coordination can make a profit as well us as our clients. Thanks this kind of solution, the projects are mainly formed in one office, which makes information and ideas flow faster and easier

‘Green Horizon’ office building, the first project with LEED certificate. Our engineers actively help with preparation of building’s certification materials. They gain experience working with balanced construction.

Project of the ‘Green Horizon’ office building, was our first project, that we used BIM. We used this technology to coordinate the installations on the roof. Achieved experience we use in future projects, which broadly introduce BIM.

Project ‘KTW’ is the first project of the tall building (135m) in our engineering office.

Currently the company employs 50 full-time workers. Most of them have been employed since the beginning of the company – they are the main value of our company. Thanks their regular self-development, our projects received recognition of our clients.

The core of our company are long-standing workers who are currently the managers of particular offices


Following the rules of sustainable development we take care of both the evolution of our company and the environment in which it functions

Since 2012 through our membership of Piast Business Club we have supported financially the Piast Gliwice Football Club.

Thanks to our membership in this organisation we get satisfaction from sharing the success of our company with the local sport club.

You can find more information about the organisation and our membership of it on the following website.